Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Art Sale Success & Updates!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the bi annual CCAD student and Alumni art sale. The Simple Siren had a great show that exceeded our expectations! We could not have done it without all of the support from friends and patrons like you!

I had a wonderful set up that my other half (Tony - hiding behind the Rosemary bonsai :) created from a beautiful purple pencil Cedar that had to be cut down. It is wonderful to be able to use this amazing specimen to showcase the Simple Siren collection.

We took the opportunity to release some new soaps that we have not had in our shop yet (don't worry Etsy fans! We will have these up for you too!) Our new Organic Holiday Cucumber cold process soap with whole organic cranberry was a great hit, as well as our new take on our Pampered Pauper Jasmine Citrus soap, with a new Organic Oatmeal scrub that is a GREAT soothing soap for irritated or dry skin (or for those who get poison ivy in the warmer months!)

Pampered Pauper (top) Cucumber Cranberry (bottom RT)

We had a very positive response to our Raw Cocoa Nib and Peppermint Musk Moisturizing soap, great for your skin AND hair. This lovely Cocoa Butter based soap will be available in the shop for Valentines day (yes it is fast approaching folks!)

And our living letters were a hit! If I had known that we would sell out I would have brought more! I am happy to fill the orders for some custom growing gifts now that the show is over and look forward to getting my new Organic heirloom seeds from a local dispensary I have been speaking with.

There will be new surprises for Valentine's Day gifts in the shop, Growing Gifts and Living letters for the occasion, so stay tuned and check on in before the day :)

Growing Gift ornament and 1 week sprouts

And in lieu of our own wedding (September 2012), I will be showcasing some of the Wedding party gifts and Subtleties that we have been developing this coming Spring.

Batch orders will be available, however we ask that we be contacted at least six months prior to the event, this will ensure that you get exactly what you want for your big day (one of the most important days of course!)

We hope everyone had a great weekend ~~~ Good Night to All!

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