: the Siren :

"The art of the cosmos permeates all that we are"

 The Simple Siren was founded by Kat Firor an Artist and Herbalist working out of the local Columbus community of Clintonville, Ohio. 
She dwells at her South Clintonville/Old North home with her best friend and husband, Tony Colque and their cats Qura and Comet and Bulldog/boxer baby, Chasca.

Kat was raised in a holistic, health & lifestyle conscious upbringing, that has taught her a great closeness,
love and respect for the Planet.

Kat Firor Colque is also a professional illustrator, who's artistic focus has been inspired by the natural world. Kat graduated with honors from the nationally ranked Illustration program at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and is a world traveler and explorer, hiker and conservationist.

Kat's experience in Illustration, upbringing in the alternative body arts, and world travel,  have inspired her revival of ancient techniques for the modern day. Her passion and talent for the visual arts led her to a creative self branding of body & home products designed for the mind, body and soul, with an intention to leave no footprints.

Kat has very strong family roots in wellness & herbalist culture and continues her studies in herbalism by way of national lectures, conventions, training and certification courses, while also working as a medicinal and edible herb consultant and buyer consulting on Wild and Unusual herbal foods and traditional uses for herbs.

She has also offered beginners classes on local wild foraging, building urban eco gardens as well as classes on home remedy basics, and plans to expand this endeavor. Kat also works as a designer, and Illustrator, and is pursuing a Masters in the Science of Herbal Medicine.

Kat's free time is spent with her husband and best friend Tony, and their extended family and friends.

Tony brings his own unique cultural perspective, inspiration and design work to TheSimpleSiren, and is an invaluable part of the TSSO production and creative process. 

Kat is on a daily mission to continue expanding on her herbal education, adding knowledge of other world systems, like TCM,  Ayurveda and little studied traditional Western and Native American herbalism systems.

Her favorite part of what she does, is exploring her natural world by way of volunteer conservation work, gardening, hiking and rock climbing to special places, wild harvesting, seed husbandry, Native plant identification and field study.

~ All of the design work, branding and illustration design for the Simple Siren is done by hand by Kat and her husband Tony.

"I am connected, as you are, each one branch, but combined working together, as one - the eternal Tree of Life"

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