Monday, November 21, 2011

Living Letters and Growing Gifts

Five Days After Watering Ornament

I said I would do as many updates this Holiday season as
I can, so I'm scrambling to write as I work, and I've got
some cool new things to show you!

So here are some of the Eco Gifts & Seeding paper
I have done this weekend---My Living Letters! Loving
lettered tags and Ornaments that can love the planet too!

When you have gotten your ornamental use out of them,
you can gift them or grow them, and they sprout within
days of watering!

Create your own little garden easily with these 
Living Letters & Growing Gifts, from
The Simple Siren.

No more cracked and crushed plastic baubles,
these babies are durable like fired clay, but easily
come apart when ready to grow!


All of my Growing Gift Ornaments are made with our special Eco dough blend, ready to be sprouted in a fertile casing. These festive Eco Ornaments come finished with rich colors in Soy based paints (or Au Natural Brown-Red) that can also biodegrade without harm to you or your environment while growing your gift.

And here is some updated picture info for my Living Letters handmade paper, from recycled and up cycled materials.

I'm quite pleased, as it has been forever since I last made paper from scratch.

--Homemade Screen--
...I am a Montessori Kid, yep that's right, a youth spent catching critters in creeks, climbing and jumping from trees, star gazing and mapping and cloud formation identification, among many other useful and fun DIY skills.

 I had amazing teachers who were so much more... They were dancers and dreamers, Artists and anthropologists.

They loved life and teaching to the point where a kid didn't even realize that they were learning, thats how amazingly a part of life and our natural curiosities they made everyday learning.

To this day, I use more of the early knowledge that I learned in Montessori than I did in any year in public school.

In fact, the countries that use Montessori style teaching, have students who rank in the top first or second place in the world...they learn more through experience, instead of standardization.

I believe it has served me well, and at the very least, I am never bored.

I will be making a lot more living paper, that will be turned into growing ornaments and special gift tags, that are little surprises in themselves. They will house my own Chef blends of Organic Veggie and Herb heirloom seeds, Butterfly blends, and Edible Flower mixes.

I have made a couple of new and different shaped screens for myself, so I can make shapes for the holidays and the soon to come Valentine's day...I know all you guys out there will be scrambling to find something your girl will love, so stop on by to check out what we will have at The Simple Siren, you can link yourself through my shop feed on the right hand side of the blog!

Holiday Pre-Order Extension!

Holiday Custom Gift orders are being taken through December 10th as an extension, as my Holiday show at Columbus College of Art and Design, will be December 3rd, and I understand my local supporters would like to see everything I will have before they make their decisions. I hope to see you all there, and again if you need more in depth information or would like to be a sponsor of the show, please contact the school through
For Show info:

Stop on by The Simple Siren table, even if it is just to say hi! Can't wait to see everyone there,
Happy Holiday Hunting to All!

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