Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eco Pack Updates

Ok so I really thought I would have these up in my shop by Monday, since I got back from my trip, buuuut it seems like the cosmos had other ideas.

On the third or so day of my trip, I woke up with a very infected wisdom tooth(I got these suckers later in life than most), and had GA surgery to extract it as soon as I got back---so I'm slowly recovering and trying to get as much done for everyone as I can :)  I should be up and at-em by the end of the week.
I am hoping to post all of my new Bath Salt Tonics like this one to your Left. These are great soaks that help heal, and stimulate your skin, as well as sooth dryness and itchy-ness that some of us get during the colder months.(I know with the way I feel right now, that I will be using one of these tonight!)

Not to mention they just smell so darn good, you wont want to get out of the bath! This fresh lemon scent is great since it comes from organic cold pressed lemons, so no medicine-y smells. When my husband came home he asked if I was making lemonade again, because he could have sworn the freshness was from me cutting lemons(we love lemonade and make it all the time).
Along with the stimulation from the Lemon oil, this mix uses other organic healing ingredients like Calendula flower and hydrating oils like Jojoba and Olive oil, which contains an important anti oxidant, great for healing and protecting your skin and hair.

I have completed a Lemon and Citrus Eco Pack for the holidays and will be featured at my booth during the Columbus College of Art and Design Student and Alumni Art Sale. 
(Follow link for more info)

These packs will be between $16-$20 depending on the contents. This pack includes 1 Rosemary Lemonade lip balm, 1 Citrus Jasmine Organic Cold Process soap sample, and 1 5 oz pack of Organic Lemon and Calendula Bath salts (featured above).

It is filled with an Organic Calendula and Chamomile Soak, that also works as a tea. It is packaged in our 100% biodegradable/compost-able cellophane.
General Admission for the Sale is $5 after 10:30 A.M. and is $50 Starting at 9 A.M. for "First Pick". Parking is free and admission is taken at the door. If you would like to become a sponsor of the event or have any questions you can call 614.224.9101.

CCAD Campus
 If you are local (or even if you aren't) this is a great show that happens twice a year at CCAD.

There are so many talented people that will be there showing off their wares. I will be located on the Second floor of the Loanne Crane Center at table # 50.

Stop by even if it is just to say hello or for a nice chat :) I will be taking custom and holiday orders.

I hope everyone can make it. I will be posting updates until the event with some new releases (but some I'm keeping secret!), so stay tuned and mark your calender!

~Goodnight and Take Care ~

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