Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eco Friendly Gift Packs for the Holidays

I know it seems like it shouldn't be that time of year again ~ but it is! And we very happy to finish the year with some good ideas!

We are very excited to be releasing Little Eco Packs (and some larger more complicated ones!) for stocking stuffers or gifts for friends, or perhaps yourself this holiday season(...hey everyone deserves to gift themselves once in awhile ;)

Thanks to a great customer in my new shop (already a second timer, and a very friendly person!), I made some yummi Cocoa Vanilla Peek~A~Buddha lotion scrub bars.

       They have a great Sea Salt and Organic rose hip scrub in them. Tony and I figured we could find a way to specially package this cute, delicious smelling, lotion bar in an Eco friendly way.

           I have heat sealed These delicious morsels in 100% Sustainably plant derived fiber, biodegradable cellophane bags.
(Holy cow, tongue twister anyone? :)Which makes them completely COMPOST-ABLE, even in a home system in just weeks, unlike petrol based plastics!

I wanted them to be just a little more special and bedded them with a cushion of Bath salt mixes or delicious calming teas (depending on which one it is). I have bedded this particular one with Calendula Tea, good for a bath soak or mild tea, and pairs well with this cocoa butter lotion bar. It is a common healing flower good for irritated, or dry skin.

~~~~I plan to include these in Holidays Shows this season, so there will be different things to choose from. Also custom orders are available until the 12th of November if you need them for the holidays.


    I am also making November 12th my deadline for pre-ordering, Which can be done at my etsy shop:

We can be contacted through our shop, just leave your name and order information (which items you would like in your order and how many), and I will list a reserve for you through our etsy shop.

I can guarantee orders purchased by November 12 to arrive by December 25th, or December 20th this year. Please let me know if you need these by a different date.

We hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful fall!
~ Kat & Tony

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