Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Organic? First, An Energetic View

One of the most common questions that I receive as an herbalist, and as a conscious artist is:   "Why is Organic better?"

Well that is pretty simple: Because it is!

I'm purely joking of course, because I can hardly believe that you would take my word for it, without something to back it up, right? You are no fool and I will not underestimate your intelligence.

First what we should ask ourselves is "What makes Organic and Factory Farmed different from one another?"

Here is where we find very drastic and detrimental differences; Where agribusiness in commercial agriculture is AT ODDS with Nature, Organic strives to replenish the environment as we take from it and succeeds in keeping a healthy, renewable Earth cycle. People often find, that when they turn to Organic, their experience is tastier, more filling, and overall they get healthier results.The stigma that "Organic is grass food for hippies" is just that, a
stigma made by people who don't want the competition from real whole foods.

The picture to your Right, demonstrates this very well. This is what is called "Kirlian Photography", which can be used to view a living thing's Electro Magnetic Field, an energy field we all have, but cannot see with the naked eye (well some can but this will be a topic for one of my next threads).

This type of EMF photography was discovered by Russian scientists Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. During an experiment, they accidentally touched camera film through an electrical current that had been generated by connecting two metal electrodes to an electrical source. After Developing the film, they saw a glow round the hand that they thought was the life force. This is what cultures all over the planet call: the aura of living things. But also applies to things like crystals, rock, metal and minerals inanimate things that seem to have their own life force (perhaps it is because they were once living?). Currently EMF study has been a hot topic for environmental sciences and is key in learning about the connections with the world energy grid.

EMF is really, light as photon activity created by what your DNA ( and all molecules) takes in, (food, vitamins, sunlight, exercise, etc.) and the healthier you are the brighter your field is (some liken it to a 'life force'). Many scientists and energy workers say that before you become physically ill, the problem shows up first in your auric field (EMF).

Big Agribusiness are more concerned with yield in the short term than they are with how their practices affect the very environment that they are growing in (AND WE LIVE IN!). The short and long term results are depleted, nutrient lacking soil,  higher pest and disease problem, half dead food, higher pollution and ground water contamination, the list goes on and on.

~~~(Take Cocoa beans for example; cocoa has a very high chemical and heavy metal absorbancy properties, which wouldn't be a problem since we don't want to mix things like lead with our Chocolate---But we do! And we don't even realize it. The equipment used to harvest cocoa in factory farming setting, are usually run with petrol or other lead and chemical based fuel, which works in close proximity to the cocoa beans, and the beans, soak up all the lead and heavy metals from the exhaust from the machinery.)~~~ Sourced from "Scientific America".

The only way to demand that these practices be stopped is to attempt to live a more Organic lifestyle, recreate our communities and once again form bonds with our fellow beings.
These "necessary measures" that big Agro claim to, are always remedied by adding more chemicals and pesticides, and hence a vicious, vicious cycle for dead plants, dead food with no EMF, and ultimately a sick planet with sick people.

 Now think what might happen if everything you ate, everything from the soil it grows in to the surrounding trees that shade it, had an EMF like the broccoli on the right instead of the left...That doesn't seem so healthy does it? Our own DNA takes in the Photo activity (EMF light) of the food you eat. The more photon activity present (apparently) in your food, (due to quality and certain qualities of foods like pink Himalayan Salts) the more is said to be taken into your DNA, or affects your DNA which actively REPAIRS ( & some claim, evolves) your DNA. How cool is that? If there is even a chance, isn't it worth it?

Just think, every time you buy imported fruit and veggies instead of picking local and in season, you are promoting premature harvesting and old food. Food without any life force --- what if we all supported our local farmers, cared for our natural resources and put an end to chemicals and pollutants in our environment?


What could our world have the potential to be? Free from sickness, from starvation, from loneliness...

The world literally rests in our hands...

I challenge ANYONE to take the test, and compare what you experience with free range and organic.

 Stay tuned for more "Why Organic?" as we explore the growing issues of our life experiences on this planet, the only one we have, she is beautiful, and so are we! Let's keep it that way!



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