Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Circular Breathing Technique: Self Help & Anti Stress

Since having to have my tooth taken out and jawbone shaved under Local Anesthesia, I realized how lucky I was to know Square breathing (AKA Circular Breathing). I went in thinking my Doc would just take a look, but they were ready to go and start the surgery. I was less than thrilled.

For the first time I had a nervous reaction so bad I could not stop shaking, and I almost had to get laughing gas to calm me down.

My saving grace was knowing how to meditate properly, otherwise I would have run out of the surgery room like a banshee out of hell.
This technique is also a life saver for those who get panic attacks and also for pregnant women.

The technique is as follows:

The Set Up
~ Sit in a comfortable chair with good back support that will allow you to keep decent posture (good posture is one key to being able to really benefit from the exercise and to allow you to take in as much oxygen as possible)

~Place your feet flat on the floor with your hands either in your lap or palms (up or down) on your thighs.
You can also do this by laying flat on your back on the ground (carpeting is probably more comfortable), with your hands resting on your stomach and your legs bent so your feet can be flat on the ground.

~It is also helpful to place some books under your head (not your neck!) That are about the width of your fingers together without the thumb. (Dr Seuss books work great ;) This is due to the fact that you are aligning your spine when you do this, if you just lay your head down, your spine is not aligned, therefore you wont get full breaths.

Ginkgo Baby grown from seedling
~ Close your eyes, or if you can't, try to focus on something that is unmoving, like a candle or a plant (I find staring at my studio babies to be very calming.


Now that you have settled yourself start by breathing in through your nose for a count of 3. By breathing through your nose you are absorbing more oxygen into your bloodstream.

Hold the breath for a count of 3

Release the breath through your mouth for a count of 3 again.

Hold the release for a count of 3 before starting the breathing cycle again through your nose.
In through your nose, out through your mouth.

When you can get the cycle going and are comfortable, you can move the count to five and then ultimately a count of 8, which is the most desirable breathing cycle count. It can be difficult to maintain when you first start this technique, which is why we recommend starting with a 3 count.

I really believe in this technique and many alternative (Reike, Alexander Technique, etc.) and Western traditional therapists use this technique to help soothe those who suffer from panic attacks and other nervous issues. I know it has helped me through college, running two businesses and with injuries or my famous impatience for when I'm (rarely) ill lol. It helps with patience, or in tight situations that can easily become overwhelming. Try it out the next time your boss is giving you a hard time or when your kids are driving you up the wall, it may save you from lashing out in a way you might regret later.

If you have any specific questions that I have not answered here, just leave your comment, or if you would like to message me privately you can email me at, I try to get back to everyone within 48 hours.

I hope this explanation is found to be helpful for those who need it.
~Stay Happy and Healthy my Friends~

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