Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growing Valentines: Flowers that Grow & Never Die!

Let your love blossom this Valentine's day to come! Make up for those last minute efforts, and let us do the work! (Hey, you picked it out, there is something to be said for great taste!)

New in our line of "Living letters" and "Growing Gifts", are our 100% handmade, up-cycled paper flowers (made from scratch by myself and my partner in crime Tony Colque).
Just like our growing gift ornaments for the holiday season, these babies grow wonderful organic and heirloom gardens after you are done! This flower line will house beautiful butterfly blends, edible flower blends, and our favorite; Wildflower!

These dainty roses make the perfect, romantic statement to that special someone in your life, that say, "Like this rose, my love for you will forever bloom, but never die."~~~And that's a fact!

These flowers will come in other species styles(Violets, Tulips, etc.), but they are already being reserved for the holiday, so we will see how many come out!
These growing flowers will come in sets of 3 and 5, and will be available for custom batch orders, and will be added to our Wedding favor line dropping this Winter (just in time for Spring!)
(When custom ordering event batches, we request that we be contacted at least six months in advanced)

Dress up your special dinner, make a romantic path of petals, or a sensual trail leading to the bedroom!
These lovely accents are up to the task, and make a beautiful garden for two, just in time for Spring!

We will be posting our Valentine's gift boxes complete with a three pack of these cute little buds.
Stay tuned for more colors, styles and for our Organic Vanilla massage oil for two!

Have a great week everyone! ~Kat~

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